Service calls will be scheduled once form is completed and submitted. A valid credit card is required on file for all services prior to dispatch, including warranty calls. Hello Refrigeration is committed to scheduling service calls within 24-48 hrs. from receiving form and will strive to accommodate times and dates as best as possible. Service date and times are subject to change.

**EFFECTIVE 2/1/2024**
Terms of Service
Thank you for requesting services from Hello Refrigeration, we appreciate your business and look forward to working with you.

Please read the below information. Fill out your information and sign below that you agree to these terms.

**A valid credit card is required for ALL customers to be held on file prior to dispatching a technician, including MFG warranty service calls. **

2024 Labor Rates:
Regular Service Rates:

Service Call Fee- $350.00 one-time fee per service request Service and Repair Labor- $150.00 per hour (billed after the first hour)

After Hours Service Rates:
Service Call Fee- $550.00 one-time fee per service request Service and Repair Labor- $225.00 per hour (billed after the first hour Port to Port)
**Rates Subject to change**

Explanation of Rates:

  • Service Call Charges: Flat rate charge, billed per service request includes travel to site and includes up to 1hr labor on site for initial diagnosis. Any additional labor on site will be billed at our regular or After-hours service labor rate. The Standard Service Call charge including travel applies to all customers, any travel outside of our normal service area may incur additional travel charges.
  • Regular Service Labor Rates: M-F 7am-4:30PM- Labor billed hourly on the invoice as: “Service Labor” & “Repair”, to be billed in 15-minute increments, after the first hour during initial visit. Return Visits will be billed at a regular hourly rate including travel.
  • Extended/Out of Area Travel may apply for locations outside of normal service area, TBD on a case-by-case basis and may incur additional charges.
  • Service Labor will begin after the first hour on site for the initial visit/diagnosis and end once the technician has finished creating invoice and notes.
    **Please note- allow for approximately 10-15 minutes after equipment diagnosis/repair for technician to create invoice, find parts for quotes etc.
  • Overtime Service Rates: M-F After 4:30pm and Weekends- Will be billed “Portal-to-Portal”, i.e. billing will begin when the technician starts traveling to the site, until they return or start traveling to another location.
  • Holiday Service Rates: Will be billed at double time.
  • Other costs such as parking, freight, ferry fees or sometimes handling fees are also added if applicable and in addition to service call fees and labor charges.
  • Credit card authorization is required for all service calls even for calls on units that may still be under warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Manufacturer OEM Warranty: Hello Refrigeration is not the warranty company, all warranties are provided by the manufacturer. We will invoice the warranty provider for any work that is covered under the manufacturer’s guidelines, please make sure to read about your warranty and what is covered. Any work that is not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty will be your responsibility to pay. Items such as cleaning and general maintenance typically are not covered by Manufacturer warranty. Any Manufacture OEM warranty is held Solely by the manufacturer and is at their discretion to approve or deny any claims.
  • Payment of services is due upon completion of our work. If at the time of your service call, you would like to pay with cash or check please let the technician know so the office can prepare the invoice, otherwise the invoice will be emailed and the credit card on file will be processed for payment of services.
  • Deposits: Repairs over $1000 will require a deposit of equal to 50%, and/or all parts will be paid in full prior to ordering, unless stated otherwise.
  • Limited-Service Warranty. We warrant that any Equipment parts replaced or serviced as part of the Services will be free from defects in workmanship and material for a period of 30 (30) days from the date of replacement or service. As your sole and exclusive remedy for this warranty, we will replace (with new or equivalent re-conditioned parts), or at our option, repair at our expense, any Equipment parts which do not comply with the foregoing warranty, except for any part that fails through misuse, accident, natural disaster, neglect, failure to use in accordance with our instructions or the Operators Manual, or which was altered by unauthorized personnel. The determination of these exclusions will be made by us in our sole discretion. This Limited Warranty does not apply to disposable products used with the Equipment, as disposables products are not covered by this Agreement. Warranty is void if customer is past due and until previous work is paid in full. We only provide warranty work under regular service times M-F 7:00am-4:30pm, a customer may request after-hours service but will be responsible for all applicable fees and rates. Parts shall carry the OEM distributor’s warranty and may vary depending upon the distributor or Manufacturer of said part. Warranty Exclusions: loss of product or production, damages caused by negligence, user error, natural disasters or acts of God.


  • All services performed shall be COD and payments due upon completion, unless other payment terms are granted by Hello Refrigeration.
  • Customer is required to provide a Valid Credit card prior to service, and payment is due upon completion of work. Any declined cards will be notified via email as a 1st notice, customer is required to provide updated payment means within 2 days to avoid additional late payment fee.
  • Late Payment Fees will be added to all invoices as follows. 1st Notice (5 days) $50.00, 2nd Notice (10 days) $100.00, 3rd Notice (15 Days) $150.00 After 30 Days, Past due invoices shall be sent to collections, with an administration fee of 30% of invoice balance.

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Credit Card Authorization We require a valid credit card to be held on file prior to scheduling service. The card held on file for service will be charged within 24hrs of service unless other payment arrangements are made. Please complete all fields. You may cancel the authorization at any time by contacting us. This authorization will remain until cancelled.